Paper money features

                                                                   50 GULDEN, NETHERLANDS

    A paper money says a lot about the country it comes from. Beyond the basic aesthetics, a country projects its self image through the paper money. What they decide to put on the bills reveals what's important to them, what they think is special and wonderful about themselves and how they want to be seen by the world. The above 50 Gulden bill is from Netherlands. It is one of the beautiful note in my collection. By placing the sunflower painting on the paper money they have paid bright homage to Van Gogh (Vincent Willem van Gogh,1853–1890 was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist). In the Netherlands they value art and beauty. 


The following features are generally seen on a paper money:
   Serial number   
   Issuing Authority
   Authorized Signatories
   Date of Issue
   Metallic Thread   
   Bar code
   Micro print
   Ultra violet ray

                                                                                       10 GULDEN , NETHERLANDS                            
                                                                                           ONE TAKA,  BANGLADESH