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Interesting Facts

Morocco 50 Centimes 1944

Morocco ( 50 Centimes,1944)

Smallest Size
In 1944, Morocco released into circulation a 50 Centimes emergency issue. Measuring only 41mm x 32mm, it's the world's smallest banknote.
silver certificate 1 dollar 1957 front

USA ( 1 Dollar, 1967 )

"Buck" is a slang for U. S. dollar? The term originated from the Old West when buckskin was a common medium of exchange with Indians. Later on  currency replaced the barter system. People still refer to a dollar as a buck (short for buckskin)
Fiji 1 penny 1942

Fiji ( 1 Penny, 1942)

Lowest Denomination
The lowest fractional note is 1 penny from Fiji. It was issued in 1942. The old penny, being 1/240 of a pound, is a lower denomination than other fractional notes based on 1/100th of a basic monetary unit.
1 dollar 1954 front      

Canada ( 1 Dollar, 1954), Queen Elizabeth

Devil's Face
The Canadian one dollar "Devil's Face" bill is very rare. The devil's face is on the queen's hair, right behind her ear. A lot of controversy surrounded this bill, and the mint was forced to darken the hair to get rid of the highlights causing the image.

Tatarstan (100 Rubles, 1991)

No Denomination 
Tatarstan issued a series of currency checks without any denomination printed. Tataratan is situated in the center of the Russian Federation on the East-European plain at the confluence of the two greatest rivers- the Volga and the Kama. It was a part of Russia since 1552 and became an autonomous republic in 1990 and a sovereign state in 1992.

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