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Greece (500 Drachmas, 1955), Socrates (469-399 B.C)

Socrates was a great greek philosopher and a teacher. He was one of the most original, influential and controversial figures in ancient Greek philosophy and in the history of Western thought. At the age of 70,  Socrates was brought to trial and charged with "not believing in the Gods the state believes in, and introducing different  divine powers and also for corrupting the young". He was convicted and sentenced to death. 

Greeck (10000 Drachmas,1947), Aristotle(384-322B.C)

Ancient Greek philosopher, educator, and scientist. He was one of the greatest and most influential thinkers in western culture. Aristotle was probably the most scholarly and learned of the classical or ancient Greek philosophers.


Tajikistan(20 Somoni 1999), Abdallah Ibn Sinna(980-1037)

Abu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn Sinna was born in Afshana near Bukhara. He was the most famous physician, philosopher, encyclopaedist, mathematician and astronomer of his time. Ibn Sinna had also contribution in music. His major contribution to medical science was in his famous book "Al-Qanum". This book has the entire medical knowledge available from ancient and Muslim  sources.

Kazakhstan (1 Tenge,1993),Abu Nasar Al-Farabi (870-950)

He was scholar in many areas including Philosophy, Linguistics, Logic, and Music. He also wrote about the nature of science and argued for the existence of the vacume (empty space).

Portugal (500 Escudos, 1979), Francisco Sanches (1550 – 1623)

Francisco Sanches was a Portuguese philosopher and physician. He was the professor of philosophy and medicine at the University of Toulouse.

Ireland - Republic (5 Pound, 1985), Duns Scotus (1266-1308)

Duns Scotus was one of the more important theologians and philosophers of the High Middle Ages. Scotus has had considerable influence on Roman Catholic thought Scotus also developed a complex argument for the existence of God, and argued for the Immaculate conception of Mary.